" Not only is Tea passionate and extremely knowledgeable, 
but she lives what she teaches, and is the healthiest person I know.
I trust her entirely ... her approach has been life-changing "

I am a naturopathic nutritionist, with a busy practice on London's Harley street.  
I also work for the Arrigo Programme, Amy's House (Amy Winehouse foundation) and run a low cost clinic in East London, where I live.  I lecture on Nutrition and run workshops with the focus on Gut Health, Fertility, Hormonal Health and the Body & Mind link. 
I am fully insured, and am a member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapist Practitioners.

My philosophy comes from my own personal explorations as well as fifteen years of nutritional practice, combined with the knowledge and experience of many researchers, colleagues, and patients. My understanding is that all disease originates with an emotional disturbance or trauma and that our ability to stay healthy and recover from disease depends not just on wholesome nourishment, clean water and exercise, but on the stress free environment and our emotional stability.

My journey into Naturopathy started when, within the popular offered solutions, I found no resolution to my own health crises. I realised that most medication comes with side effects that potentially cause further health problems. I understood that disease is not a self-imposed or always an inherited condition, but a reflection of our choices, disconnection and a lack of direction and awareness. I understood that food must be consumed seasonally, as fuel and nourishment, and not as a crutch, source of comfort or to alleviate boredom. I saw the importance of prevention, self-knowledge and daily work on our part, all of which must take place in order for us to reclaim the balance that leads to health.

I discovered that this work was my true calling. Helping myself and others get back to health offers me true fulfilment and happiness.


"I worked with Tea to resolve a long standing case of chronic fatigue accompanied by constant infections and am now on my way to being not just better but fundamentally healthier overall. Tea’s ability to listen and address the underlying issues at hand made the process a rigorous but worthwhile journey. Her willingness to monitor my progress made it possible to nuance the mixture of diet, supplement and treatments towards a manageable solution. I would, and have recommended her to friends and friends with children that would benefit from her advice. Tea is real pleasure to work with."
Roman  V. - artist

"Tea has helped me to rescue my mind and body from a very dark and limiting space to a healthy, energized existence.
From the first week following Tea’s therapy, my body immediately started to respond positively, giving clear signs of a substantial transformation. Towards the end of the 6th week of intense treatments, not only had all of the symptoms disappeared, but I also felt like I had reset my mind and body to a completely new dial. For the first time in ages, I felt ‘switched on’. Feeling blooming and energized gave me the empowerment I needed to able to function again. " - Francesca C, artist

Tea Novo changed my life!!! She is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate health practitioner. I had lots of issues from being overweight, to depression and anxiety to name a few which for the first time with her explanation on how the whole body works and with her customised treatment I began to find relief and the weight just fell off with out me ever going on diet.
Gity W. - Psychotherapist
"My year or more of almost despair about my health was over after the very first consultation. Right from the start, I felt reassured both by Tea’s assessment of my situation, and her clear and determined plan of action; not to mention her reassurance that I would be returned to full health. Nor did the treatment end with the consultation. I was encouraged to be in touch whenever I liked for further guidance, and if there was a period of silence Tea would check in with me. It is no exaggeration to say that Tea turned my life around. "
C.P. - writer

" Following years of ill-heath, which culminated in a cancer diagnosis, I sought help from Tea to try to help me resolve underlying health issues, and to educate me about nutrition. I learned more than I could have ever hoped for, which has in turn lead to me being able to treat my two young sons for asthma."
Nicola C. - artist

My sessions with Tea exceeded my expectations. Her approach of treating not just the symptoms but the root cause of my problems has had a lasting impact on how I manage my health. Tea is a highly conscientious, tenacious and

personable practitioner and I would gladly recommend her.

O.L - marketing specialist

An initial consultation lasts up to two hours in which time a thorough case history is taken. Emotional and physical symptoms, as well as, inherited disposition, lifestyle, diet and medical history are all considered when establishing the cause of illness and deficiencies.
This diagnostic process discovers the specific needs of an individual and the treatment programme will be tailored accordingly.

Although my practice does not focused on one area of body or disease alone, my areas of expertise are:
-  Gut issues such as Gut Motility, Crohn's, Colitis, IBS, Sibo
- Hormonal issues
- Children's health
- Sleep, Anxiety, Burnout

I work with leading laboratories to offer tests and interpretations. I use Dutch hormone testing for patients with hormonal issues such as menopause, fertility concerns or any other hormone lead conditions. 
I also work with a broad range of tests on GI health, including Comprehensive stool analysis, Parasitology and Inflammation.

Curaetd range was launched in 2020. It is currently on sale in Selfridge's stores across the UK

All supplements are sourced from the finest raw food sources that have been crafted into formulae delivering 
superior biological activity and ensuring the greatest absorption and overall efficacy of the all important active nutrients.


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